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Characteristics of Success

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fight for what you want

If you have nothing to start with except the capacity to know what you want and the determination to stand by that desire until it is realized, you can literally think your desire into existence.  It takes initiative, faith and the will to win in order to carry out your goal.  On the contrary, if you give up on a goal before it is realized how will you ever know how close you were to the finish?  How will you know accomplishment and satisfaction unless you see it through?  Moreover, one of the most common causes of failure is quitting when you are taken over by temper and defeat.  Everyone is guilty of this mistake at one time or another, but don’t make it a habit.  Is this your time for success or is this time for another excuse?  Do you realize that more gold has been minded from the brains of men than has ever been taken from the earth?  Let’s start digging for ingenuity and innovation.  You’ve heard about the power of the mind.  Let’s couple the power of the mind with the motivation of desire.  Together the ingenuity of the mind, the motivation of desire and the actions that success requires can be transmuted into gold.  Know in your mind what you desire.  When you do know what you want and you focus your actions toward getting your goal accomplished; be confident, but beware because before success comes you will meet with temporary defeat and perhaps failure.  The irony of success is a familiar failure, but the value of failure is the lesson it teaches.  So failure isn’t a disappointment unless you want it to be.  Adopt a definite purpose and stand by it with bull-dog determination until your goal is accomplished.

de oppresso liber

I’d like to pass on one of my favorite quotes which also inspired the motto for the United States Army Special Forces. 

“The turbulent have to be corrected,
  The faint-hearted cheered up,
  The weak supported;
  The Gospel’s opponents need to be refuted,

  Its insidious enemies guarded against;
  The unlearned need to be taught,
  The indolent stirred up,
  The argumentative checked;

  The proud must be put in their place,
  The desperate set on their feet,
  Those engaged in quarrels reconciled;
  The needy have to be helped,

  The oppressed to be liberated,
  The good to be encouraged,
  The bad to be tolerated;
  All must be loved.”

                                                         By,  St. Augustine of Hippo