“If someone dropped me off in a strange city with $500 and the clothes on my back I would become a millionaire.”  Have you heard this claim before?  Are there really people who can use scarce resources to build great wealth?  If this is possible, how is it that some people have money problems?  Why do people struggle all their lives just to pay utility bills and make ends meet.  They can never afford to take their children on fun trips, help their parents retire early, and rarely buy extravagant gifts.  While other people  have lots of money and can afford to buy luxuries that others can’t even dream of.  They even claim that they can turn $500 into millions.  If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with not having enough money just to survive it may seem like it’s impossible to get out of this vicious cycle.  It may sound far-fetched to learn about using scarce resources to build great wealth.  Is it really possible for somebody to go from rags to riches?  Can we find anybody that has done this in our lifetime?  The answer is yes!  Many people from diverse backgrounds and extreme situations have proven the power of human ingenuity and triumph.  Many people who are successful today were devastated by grave challenges just months ago.  It’s more enjoyable to have what you need without worrying about if you can afford to pay for it.  That is why there will always be somebody somewhere overcoming great difficulties.  Right now there is somebody in a strange city with $500 and only the clothes on their back that will become a millionaire within a reasonable amount of time.  Sometime people are so overwhelmed by extremely challenging situations that they want to give up, but they don’t.  Somehow  they find a way from rags to riches.  If you’ve ever thought about changing your lot in life, if you are interested in enhancing your lifestyle and the lives of the people you love, then why not do it now?  You don’t have to do it alone and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist either.  What you need is a plan that you can believe in, a commitment to follow the plan, and a measure of results.  You can follow someone else’s plan from the start.  It’s ok to follow systems, methods, rules or next steps that have been proven to produce intended results. 

Now if you are ready to venture off and build your empire of wealth, but are still asking yourself what should I do first?  Or  how do I do it and who do I follow?  Then follow our posts to get the resources and tools that will take you from where you are now to where you are headed.